Our Services

Facade Cleaning

It’s really important for your company’s building to have a terrific outlook. It also become necessary to maintain it as because of dust, rain, wind it may get dirty with time. We provide world class façade cleaning services. By choosing us you get best quality services from team of experts.

Floor Crystallzation

Sometimes commercial floors get scratches on them and start looking very dull. To restore shine of these floors Floor Crystallization technique is used. Our skilled workforce can help in increasing the gloss levels giving you a shiny floor.

Glass Cleaning

Toughened glasses are used in most of the buildings as windows, doors and panels. They get dirty with time and its not easy to clean them properly. So here we are providing services for cleaning glasses which will be carried by high skilled technicians.

Floor Polishing

The floors of commercial areas get dirty very soon and lose their shine. Timely polishing makes them shine again as they were previously. We are experts in delivering floor polishing services for all kinds of floors.

Upholstery Shampooing

Decent Upholstery helps your office in looking and feeling beautiful. When they get dirty other thing also start looking dull. Its important to have your Upholstery cleaned time to time to maintain a fresh look forever.

Carpet Shampooing

The commercial carpets daily faces dirt from various foots. They become dusty very soon and start looking awkward. So it important to clean them time to time so that you can have a clean impression on your customers.

Post Construction Cleaning

After having any construction work in the building the debris is spread all over. It doesn’t looks nice and can spoil your business’s image. Thus we provide high quality post construction cleaning services for the purpose.

Special Event Cleaning

Some events like business conferences, parties are also arranged within the company. All things get messy because of it. We provide cleaning services after any occasion, so that your company can start looking clean and tidy again..

Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping means daily cleaning and other services attached to it. We understand individual need and specialize in providing top quality housekeeping services. .